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Our Story

Passion for good food, family & love of community

The Jules story was born out of a passion for good food, family and a love of community. John and Jan Ordway, finding a scarcity of restaurants to take their young daughters, decided to take matters into their own hands. Thus, Jules Thin Crust was born; a spacious, modern, family friendly space where healthy, organic food would be paramount, focusing on community involvement and employee happiness... unlike anything you've come to expect from a fast casual restaurant.

A Story Told with Pizza

One hot, thin, crispy crust at a time.

For us: We pride ourselves on serving only the finest quality products, bottom to top! Our local farms and vendors provide us with an endless array of ingredients that allow us to create unique, organic when possible, seasonal pies and salads. Our organic dough and sauces are made fresh, in house, every day. No additives. No bad stuff. Wonderfulness in every bite, every time!

For you: It's the taste - we love our thin crust. And you will too! Crunchy with a little bit of chewiness... perfect! Now top that tasty crunch with the basics: beautifully shredded, aged mozzarella and a simple, flavorful tomato sauce (that grandma would be jealous of!) - or be adventurous and try one of our unique creations or do it your own way - add any of our fresh, organic ingredients for a create-your-own experience!

Gluten Intolerant? Vegetarian? Vegan?

We have your back. Check out our menus for all of the assorted toppings we offer on our organic whole grain white and our special whole grain gluten-free crust. Jules Thin Crust is much lower in fat than a conventional pizza. Good for everybody and good for the environment. A win win!

Our Mission at Jules

Here at Jules Thin Crust we strive to create a great-tasting pie that we love, the kids love, and the community loves. We are dedicated to creating an open-minded, accepting workplace where employees feel at home, reflecting their lifestyles and interests. Through our leadership and training, we encourage longevity within our company, focusing on a hands-on, experiential approach.

We love providing an experience that you want to be a part of, whether dining with us, or taking your meal back home. We encourage all of our team to be active members of our community, and we lead by example: we partner with local farmers so that we can all eat better and invest in our local economy. We focus on an eco-friendly, plastic-free restaurant and continuously give back to our communities through fundraising and local events.