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  • Buckingham Valley Honey

    Buckingham Valley Honey

    Joe Ridgway makes prized Bucks County raw honey products that we use in our homemade dressings and our whole wheat dough.

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  • Just One Seed

    Just One Seed

    Eve Minson's combination farm and education center grows herbs for the Pennsylvania locations.

  • Mariposa Baking Co.

    Mariposa Baking Co.

    Mariposa Baking Co. is located in Oakland, CA. and provides our Oakland store with delicious gluten-free baked goods that rival those made by top non-gluten-free bakeries. Using organic and local ingredients when available.

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  • The Grain Exchange

    The Grain Exchange

    Based in Doylestown, PA The Grain Exchange provides us with gluten-free home-baked cookies, cakes and brownies. They use their own original recipes and only the finest ingredients including cage-free eggs and gluten-free oats. Our famous gluten-free pizza now contains their exclusive buckwheat flour blend.

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  • Dakota Prairie Organic Flour Co.

    Dakota Prairie Organic Flour Co.

    Organic artisan flour used to create our award-winning crusts.

  • Blue Moon Acres

    Blue Moon Acres

    Top quality organic salad greens grown in Buckingham, PA., located less than 20 miles away from each of our stores. All of our salads feature these fantastic greens.

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  • Apple Tree Goat Dairy

    Apple Tree Goat Dairy

    We purchase organic goat cheese from this Lancaster County, PA farm and dairy. Goats raised at Apple Tree Dairy are grass-fed. Their products can also be found in gourmet markets and restaurants throughout the Philadelphia area.

  • J. Scones

    J. Scones

    Provides us with our gourmet dough for chocolate chip cookies we bake on premises. This premium dough contains high-quality ingredients including European-Style Plugra butter produced in Harleysville, PA and Belgian Callebaut chocolate.

  • Christina's Organic Diced Tomatoes

    Christina's Organic Diced Tomatoes

    We use nothing but these tomatoes in our organic tomato sauce. They use fresh, vine-ripened, organic tomatoes, peel them using only natural steam then pack them in their own natural juice for true, fresh tomato flavor.

  • More Than Q Barbeque

    More Than Q Barbeque

    Chef Matt Martin's pulled pork and BBQ sauce are featured on Jules' meat #2 pie.

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  • Gull Cottage Organic Eggs

    Gull Cottage Organic Eggs

    We are proud to use Paul Gavzy's organic, cage free eggs in our Gluten Free Crust Recipe.

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