Jules Guest Chef Program

Chef Samar Shraim

Please welcome Jules' first guest chef, Samar Shraim. She is a Philadelphia native with a decade of experience in kitchens all along the East Coast. Cooking, baking and eating local is a passion of hers so creating a pie for Jules was a perfect fit! Inspired by the popular Vietnamese dish Bahn Mi, this pie mixes global comfort food with Jules' commitment to keeping things fresh! It begins with a ricotta base, mozzarella, Spanish onions, sweet Italian sausage, garlic, shredded cucumbers & carrots, sliced jalapenos, and is finished with a balsamic drizzle.

Featured Pie

Program Info

In an effort to take Jules' community outreach one step further, February 2017 will witness the debut of our new "Guest Chef Program". Every month, Jules will select a guest chef who will have the chance to participate in developing a new menu item and gain valuable experience in the commercial restaurant industry. If you'd like more information on the program's benefits and/or would like to apply click the application button below to begin.


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